Artist I Work With

electric river logo black and white

We have been working with Electric river since 2008. We service all there strung instruments and are always fitting upgrades etc to there guitars. We stand by for when they are on tour in case of any problems. They are great Guys and have a great album.


electric river photo of the guys





bucks fizz albam cover 2    bucks fizz albam cover    

jay aston barn theatre flyer





We do alot of work with Dave Colquhoun And Jay Aston. Dave is also well known for his  guitar playing with Rick Wakeman and many more big names

 rick wakeman playing keyboard 2

tom and rick wakeman together

Dave Colquhoun setting up kempa

Dave Colquhoun with rick wackman


We have been working with Dave and Jay since June 2012.

You can find Dave on:



 jay scott the find 

Jay is very well known for playing his acoustic Martin on its back as seen in the above. We tech for Jay and work along side him and the band at most big gigs.  

jay scott the find 2