Taking Care Of Your Guitar


Taking Care of Your Guitar.

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The 'guitar service' or also known as the guitar setup.

Much like a car a guitar requires servicing on a regular basis, but unlike car servicing, near enough is not good enough. Guitars are musical instruments, not implements. Guitars must be setup / calibrated on a regular basis in order for the instrument to remain in tip top condition and musical perfection. ... If your car is only firing on seven out of eight cylinders it will still do its job and get you from A to B, but for a guitar... it would simply be wrong. There is no room for error in music



There are many reasons to have your guitar Setup...

  • The Action of your guitar is too high - A common problem, you have to press the strings a long way before they touch the neck / frets. This often makes playing the guitar hard work and is not very enjoyable.

  • The Action on your guitar is too low - Another common problem, this often causes fret buzz sounds when playing the guitar.

  • The Dreaded Fret Buzz - Another very common problem, this can be caused by a number of reasons... The nut is too low, the bridge/saddle is too low, the amount of relief in the neck is wrong, the frets are not level etc.

  • Your guitar is out of tune - Once the guitar is tuned with open strings, it is a common problem for the guitar to be out of tune when the frets are used. Again there could be a number of reasons for this, the nut may require re-cutting for the correct strings, the intonation may require adjustment or the frets need crowning.

  • Bad Electrics - Crackling volume knobs and intermittent outputs / switches. Most of these problems just require a little TLC to bring them back to life.

  • And much much more !!!

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